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This week Deborah has Dr. K in the studio discussing Chiropractic and Nutrition.  If you want to really enjoy the Colorado experience you need to listen to this podcast.  Listen and learn!

Meet Dr. K with Unlimited Health

Dr. K is a Chiropractor and specializes in nutrition. She recalls when she was at the age of 11, she fell off a horse. Wanting to not give up, she got back on the horse to continue riding. She quickly realized this was not the best choice being in so much pain, and realized she couldn’t even walk. Her brother carried her to a neighbor who happened to be a Chiropractor and discovered her hip was jammed. With just one adjustment, he had healed her and this began the inspiration for her health direction.

Living in Germany at the time, she found they don’t take the same approach to medicine as Americans do. So a year after moving to the U.S. in her teens, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She was often told she by medical professionals that she was pretending to feel badly to get out of gym, even though she was on the volleyball team. This was not acceptable to her and she relied on her European background to help guide her to a solution. At one point in her discovery for wholeness, it was recommended to her to cut out all the grains and sugar and use specific supplements. This eventually helped her body to heal itself and she fully recovered from her pain.

Dr. K emphasizes that our health is a very individualistic approach and she addresses it as such. She muscle tests to determine what is going on with body specifically. She notes that even ancestry places a part and she considers this in her evaluations when she works on individuals from babies, to children, and adults in each stage of life.

Today, she has a successful practice and embraces multiple therapeutic solutions when working with the healing path. She finds healing goes best when going with the flow of what her patient’s body is telling her to determine the best technique. Ultimately, she understands, even on a personal level, just how important nutrition is and how finding the proper plan for you is unique but can drastically improve your health.

What is sugar addiction?

Studies show that the reason why sugar is addictive, much like cocaine, is because your brain reacts to it the same way. So when you don’t feed your body sugar, it is subject to go through withdrawals. Yes, sugar withdrawals are very real. What do you do when you feel the crash? Do you give in or fight the urge to grab a handful of M&Ms?

It can be a real challenge to turn away from food that can bring instant gratification but it may help to drink a full glass of water instead.  Or you can just get up and take a quick walk (not to the fridge and back), or perhaps find something else to pamper yourself, like a hot bath with salts and oils.  Try to avoid any artificial sweeteners.  They can actually spike your insulin and cause you to crave sugar even more.  The best thing you can do, is discover what your triggers are.  If you aren't sure or need some help, reach out to Dr. K, she can help with that!

Why do we go through withdrawals?

Well, according to Dr. K, she informs us that “nature didn’t realize we would have all foods available to us all the time. So it made fruit as a source to get us vitamins and minerals. Fruit is a way nature tries to fatten us up for winter because we wouldn’t have the nutrition then and we could survive. So sugar is addictive, naturally, to get us to eat more to help us survive winter.”

But today, with modern technology to help with farming and greenhouses which keep a variety of foods available year-round, we have access to food all the time, and as a result we are becoming sick. Did you know that too much sugar causes inflammation because your body is stressing out? When our bodies are constantly inflamed, it becomes diseased. So watch for conditions that end in”itis” such as colitis, arthritis, etc. Then check your sugar consumption and see if cutting back our even cutting it out altogether helps you to manage your health much easier.

So, how do you kick a sugar addiction?

Dr. K works with you individually and provides supplements that aide your body’s insulin response and eliminate insulin spikes or surges. Constant spikes are a stressor to the body. So by trying to reduce number of times a day we are eating, we can also reduce those spikes and help our body do it’s job more effectively.

Another tip Dr. K provides is to consume healthy fats. Yes, fat! Absolutely!

Did you know that eating coconut and avocado oil (without heating), helps your body to absorb nutrients and even leave you feeling fuller longer and in return this helps curb cravings? It is true! You don’t have to jump in cold turkey, most people can’t. She recommends taking it slow to help your body manage the shift more easily and taking baby steps with eating healthy fats. Plus, you’ll be happy with how much better your food tastes.

So, what can Dr. K do for you?

She works with you and your body to figure out how it is supposed to do its job. She may even provide you with supplements to help support your body to do it job until it remembers. The great thing about supplements, is they are usually temporary, whereas with medications take over that function permanently. So you may be doing yourself a lot more than just recovering, but even restoring wholeness and balance that medications pretend to offer.

Dr. K referred to her own healing as she reflected how nutrition helped her overcome her 13 year battle with fibromyalgia. She remembers when she was 20 years old, and depending on her dad to feed her breakfast because she was in so much pain, she could barely move. She had hit a low and knew her life couldn’t continue on this way forever. Cutting out grains and sugar was simply the only option she had, and you what? It worked! A year later and she was able to hike, a dream she knew would not have been considered before.

If you are struggling and have no idea where to start, Dr. K can assist you on your own journey of discovery and elimination. Sometimes our issues can be from bad habits. Maybe there is something you have been doing your whole life that you don’t realize is a bad habit and it could be affecting your health. She works with you and can help to discover and resolve these issues.

Want to learn more?

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