Top 7 Places for Shopaholics in Colorado Springs, CO

The city of CS is one of the most populous municipality of El Paso county and this is what makes it a happening location for the travelers and the locals. You have ample of attractions, delicious restaurants and moreover, a huge list of shopping sites for the shopping freaks. The pleasant climate makes it a perfect excuse for people to wander here during the weekends for shopping. Colorado Springs gives a good social joint for those who love to sip a cup of coffee together, after the shopping is over.

Here are a few places that the Shopaholics cannot resist:

  1. The American Classics Marketplace is one of the favorites of the people. You get to collect a huge selection of items and amazing offers on sale by the merchants. This is a perfect spot for those who wish to buy gifts.


  1. The Colorado Springs Flea Market is loaded with household items and craft goods. The market also hosts a garage sale on a large scale. You have a galore of food, entertainment and other activities to shop local items here.


  1. The Old Colorado City is a home of items for home décor, boutiques, shopping galleries of antiques and various other collectibles. It is a recommended place for those who are not there to shop local


  1. For amazing offers and fantastic discounts, the Outlets at Castle Rock is one experience to take. These outlets have brands in clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, electronic items and other outdoor tools.


  1. For those who believe shopping is a morning breakfast for them, try the Bargain Mart of the Old Colorado City. It is also known as the Farmer’s market. The market is open from 8 am to 1 pm and has fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Do not miss to buy the hard pressed goat cheese and salsa ketchup.


  1. Manitou Springs is a colorful and vibrant location and a home to music, theatres and art items. The sidewalk sculpture displays make shopping an amazing experience for the shoppers. Plan a visit to the Garden of the Gods Trading Post for a huge gift shop and gallery. Families love to spend here and buy gifts for each other.


  1. For those who have a sweet tooth, the flavors of the Goldminers Nuts and Candy is something that you cannot resist. Pick a range of homemade fudges. Jalapeno peanut brittle and Nostalgia candies are one of the favorites. After visiting here, the first word to hit your mind will be ‘YUMMM’.

Enjoy shopping and get addicted to the Colorado Springs shopping zones!