Selling a home in the Fall and Winter comes with a special set of circumstances as families are preparing for the holidays. Today, Deborah is joined by Gina of Call to Order Professional Organizers to help sellers as they prepare to sell during the holiday months.


Less is more when it comes to decorating during the holidays while also trying to sell a home. Some important questions to consider during this time of year are when will you be selling the house, how will you set everything up, and what time frame are you expecting your house to sell? After you determine these things, then it’s important to go through your décor and determine what is most important for you to put on display and what you may want to consider putting into storage.


Another important aspect to keep in mind is how much effort and energy you want to expend in order to keep the house ready to show. This will require a plan. Selling your home over the holidays don’t have to be hectic, but you will have to have a plan! Because when a house is listed during November and December, the people who are looking are often serious lookers who have to move in a short time frame. So, come listen as Deborah and Gina discuss points to consider when making a plan to keep the holidays special for your family while being prepared to sell your home.