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So many people are getting their house ready for summer by decluttering and cleaning their homes. Some are doing home improvements or fixing things that they’ve ignored far too long. Often, Deborah Elliott-Shultz of City of CS Real Estate and Lifestyle finds that she doesn’t have the knowledge to fix items in her home. There are a lot of people like her out there.


Who do you turn to? Well, you know, many realtors and homeowners are so stressed out that they can’t find a person to work on their home. And many times the people that can do the work, are expensive or they don’t show up or they just do a bad job. It’s happened, even to Deborah. And it’s frustrating. So, it’s really nice to have a person that you can rely on to come to your home and take care of the issues. You might think that maybe an issue is so small it’s not a big deal. But maybe it’s a safety issue that you need to nip that one in the bud. But it’s important, and Deborah now has a person that she depends on, and that is Steven Stouffer of Geckos Remodeling and Property Maintenance.


Steven and his team does property maintenance, but when people think of property maintenance, they think of maybe rentals. Steven doesn’t just take care of rentals, he also helps homeowners. Geckos Remodeling and Property Maintenance does just about anything on a house, except carpet and stucco. Nothing is too small, nothing is too big.


They are registered with the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. This means that they’re insured, among other things. This is important, because if the company doesn’t have insurance and one of their workers is hurt on the job, the cost of that injury will fall back on the homeowner. Because Geckos Remodeling and Property Maintenance carries insurance, you, the homeowner, don’t have to worry about that. And if the accident causes injury to the house, their insurance will cover it, too.


What are some of the things Steven and his team can do? Outside the home, they can fix holes from birds and weather, siding, veneer, painting, landscaping, sprinklers, and fencing. Inside the home, they can do the same kind of things like painting, trim work, kitchen remodeling, put in sinks, garbage disposals, and replacing vanities and/or cabinetry, among other things. Sometimes, people will try to patch up a wall by themselves, but without experience it comes out kind of ugly. By hiring someone with experience like Steven at Geckos Remodeling and Property Maintenance the patch is hardly noticeable.


They’re also licensed to finished basements. To be licensed with the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, you have to pass their licensure test. There is an extensive course of study for each license. If you hire someone to come in and finish your basement who hasn’t been licensed, let alone pull all the correct permits, you’ll be stuck with horrible problems and extra expense later, possibly even a tear down warning that will require you to pay someone to come in and rip it all back out. So, a word to the wise, have someone who is licensed and registered with the PPRBD like Steven Souder at Geckos Remodeling and Property Maintenance.


Not only are they licensed and insured with PPRBD, but they are also affordable. Come listen as Deborah Elliott-Shultz and Steven Stouffer discuss the many benefits of hiring Geckos Remodeling and Property Maintenance and also hear a few stories about the reasons to hire a professional.


To get ahold of Steven and Geckos Remodeling and Property Maintenance go to or call (719) 238-3523. You can also find them on Facebook @geckosremodel.


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