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The most unforeseen expense is health care and the number one reason why people go bankrupt. It’s sad that in this country people have to go through bankruptcy because of medical bills. But it happens so often.

Today on the City of CS Real Estate and Lifestyle Show, Deborah Elliott-Shultz welcomes Dr. Mark Tomasulo of PeakMed.

So why did Dr. Mark start PeakMed? Having started as a Doctor in the Navy, when he came out of the service he experienced some concerning things in the private sector. He enjoyed Family Medicine, but found the requirements to be stressful and caused some burn out.

“Quite honestly, physicians that go into primary care go in for a very specific reason. And it’s to be an integral part of a family in a dynamic of the doctor-patient relationship.”

30 years ago, medicine was a very different experience for both patient and doctor. But knew there could be a better way

In the civilian world, he really started to see a massive dynamic change and how doctors take care of patients. This change probably had more to do with economics than it had to do with anything. What was healthcare like 30 years ago and how did we end up in this place that we are today in the world of high deductibles and copays and premiums?

So what what he really looked at what he was doing and asking himself, “how do we actually get back to a time where family physician can see six to eight patients a day, open up access for their patients in order to take really good care of their patients (like spending an hour with them, if they need it), and stop the referrals that don’t need to be referred.” This allows your doctor to practice at the top of his medical license, not at the bottom.

And how do you restructure the economics? This is why Dr. Mark started PeakMed. He didn’t create anything special from a doctor’s perspective. What he did was go back in time 30 years to where a doctor and the patient were the only priorities in the healthcare system.

Come listen as Dr. Mark Tomasulo describes how PeakMed came to be and why. Next week, Deborah Elliott-Shultz continues the conversation about PeakMed’s flat monthly cost and why it’s a model fit for the 21st century.

You can find out more information about PeakMed at or you can call their office at (719) 380-7325.

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