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Last week on the City of CS Real Estate and Lifestyle Show, Deborah Elliott-Shultz welcomed Dr. Mark Thomas of Peak Med onto the show to discuss the the ways in which Peak Med is different from other medical practices in the area.


20-30 years ago patients would have a relationship with their doctor and their doctor would know who they were. Spending an hour with a doctor wasn’t an unheard of event. But that is no longer the case.


Peak Med is about getting back to the basics of practicing medicine at a very high level as a family physician. Dr. Mark sat down and looked at the problems in today’s family medical practice and identified two problems he could help solve: access to care and affordable costs. He also wanted to bring back the heart of why people wanted to become doctors, and part of Peak Med is to make sure the providers are exceptionally happy and love what they do again.


Having opened in 2014, Peak Med now has thousands and thousands of patients and five different locations. One of the ways they are able to care for so many patients and spend time with them, is that every patient pays a monthly membership, like you would for a gym. There is a flat monthly cost that allows you access to a doctor’s cell phone number, email, text messaging, video conferencing, you name it. You can access your physician.


While Peak Med started offering membership to individuals, they quickly realized that small employer groups (10-15 employees) could benefit as well. Instead of paying $1,000+ per employee, it’s just the monthly service fee. If it’s not a “life, limb, or eyesight” problem, they could now call a doctor instead of going to an urgent care or emergency care department.


How many times have you sat in a waiting room, past your appointment time, to see a provider? Your time is valuable, too. With the way Peak Med is set up, there is no waiting room. If you’re appt. is at 3:00, you’ll see the doctor at 3:00. And if you need to see your doctor for an hour? You’ll see them for an hour.


In an effort to help with costs, Peak Med searches for the best price on labs and medicines. Just like all doctors, the doctors of Peak Med want their patients to get better. But Peak Med does things a little differently so their patients can actually afford the medicines prescribed. Peak Med purchases medicine in wholesale lots and charges the patient the cost without mark-up. For labs and imagining, they will have outside contractors for some of those because the cost of the equipment is so expensive, but in order to still save money, they look for the best price for their patients.


And…they’ll let you know what the cost is ahead of time. Because their patients are important to them. The reason these doctors got into family medicine in the first place, was to help people.


Come listen as Deborah and Dr. Mark discuss the many ways and reasons Peak Med helps their patients. This is one business you’re going to want to check out for you and your family!


To find out more about Peak Med, or to sign up for their services, go to or call (719) 380-7325.


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