How does a person know that they’re part of an HOA and/or have covenants in their neighborhood? When you first go to buy a house your real estate agent should have the MLS sheet. That sheet will let you know if there are covenants or an HOA for the neighborhood. If the agent doesn’t mention that one exists, feel free to ask the agent if there is an HOA or covenants in the area. Also, when you sign a buyer’s contract with the dates and deadlines, the title company should provide a copy of the covenant to the agent or the buyer via email.


The covenants and rules will differ between areas. And if the home is in an HOA, penalties can be assessed up to and including the forced sale of a home. So, when you’re looking at new homes, make sure you are realistic with yourself about whether or not you can abide someone else’s rules about your property.


HOAs can be a very important part of your neighborhood by helping to keep property values up, providing a place for neighbor mediation if it’s necessary, and maintaining common areas. Come listen as Deborah discusses the pros and cons of living in an HOA community and how that can affect you as a homeowner.