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It’s that time of the year when so many of us suffer from allergies. The time of year people suffer from sneezing, coughing, blowing noses, and feeling crummy all thanks to allergies. Deborah suffers the entire year! She’s even been to several specialist to include the National Jewish Health in Denver. Have you ever been there?  Because it can be so miserable, people often wonder where they can get treated or what they can take-nasal sprays, pills, sublingual allergy drops, shots. Then add in the pain of allergy panels that you have to do every time you see a new doctor. There are some people who don’t seem to find any relief no matter what types of conventional medications or treatments they try.


If you have allergy issues, and if you tried everything with nothing seeming to work, and you’re tired of taking allergy meds with all their side effects, today’s show is for you. Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz is joined by Wendy McGowan of Allergy Solutions to discuss an alternative form of treatment to help.


Most people hear alternative treatments and think that it’s some kind of “voodoo magic.” This is nothing like that and is actually backed up with science. So, keep an open mind…


What is Allergy Solutions? How is it unique and why does it work? And my friends, have an open mind this isn’t weird and it’s not any voodoo magic. It’s nothing like that. This is actually backed up with science. Okay.


Wendy is a registered nurse and a licensed certified nutritionist, but works with her RN license in the allergy field. She first heard about AAT, advanced allergy therapeutics, when her husband was extremely sick from allergies and the treatments weren’t working. He would get shots twice a week and be sick for two days at a time, including swelling in his arms from the shots. It wasn’t really working. A friend’s cousin went to a doctor who does AAT and got rid of a cat allergy. Well, that piqued their curiosity, because it was a credible guy and not one to make something up. So long story short, she talked her husband into going and trying this new therapy. He got wonderful results right away and was impressed, even though he was skeptical at first.


The surprise was that AAT doesn’t include any meds at all and no needles. So it’s great for kids or people who just don’t want to be stuck.


AAT is a 3,000 year old technique based on acupressure or acupuncture. In our case, we use acupressure and 20th century technology. It works by retraining the body to see a substance as normal rather than as a threat. Our bodies can label something as a threat trying to protect us, but they’ll grab on to a pollen or a cat or a strawberry or whatever it may be and think that’s the issue when in reality, it’s not. It’s something else that has caused stress or pain and it will make symptoms towards harmless substance until it’s corrected. For instance, one of Wendy’s patients got a horrible sunburn while at a party when she was twelve. At the party she ate some avocados. After that, her body reacted to avocados with a blistery red rash every time she ate avocados. Her body mistakenly linked the sunburn to the avocados. After AAT, she can now eat avocados without symptoms.  This is just one example of many. Oftentimes, though, a client doesn’t know the cause or the origin, but AAT is still effective.


What are the top three allergies here in the Pikes Peak region? As far as plants outside and the current season, right now it’s Maple, Poplar, and Elm tress. These are the big trees that are starting to bud out more. Trees typically start earlier in the season. And then we come to grasses and some of the flowers, and then the weeds.


What does a typical treatment look like? Wendy has a machine that has tons of digital signals, and 10s of thousands, which allows her to test for almost all allergens. Each allergen has a different frequency. First, a small cuff is placed on the patient; that cuff is connected to the machine and it helps deliver the digital signal of the substance, let’s say it’s a pollen to the person’s. When that signal hits the skin, their brain recognizes it as a pollen. So, it’s almost as if it’s real but it’s a little safer than using the actual substance. Wendy then performs a muscle test to see if that person has an allergic reaction. It could also be a sensitivity. It could be multiple different types of allergies. In her experience, she doesn’t really care whether it’s an allergic response or a sensitivity response, just that the body sees it as a threat. And we want to correct that so it stops making symptoms and stops carrying that stress. After the muscle testing is performed, Wendy uses an arthrostim, basically a wand that sends pleasant vibrations down your spine, to stimulate certain points that are key in talking to your immune system and stimulate a good response.


It’s totally non-invasive, pleasant, and carries no side effects. It’s just very easy. Plus, it usually only takes one session per allergy family. There’s no risk, and the worst case is it wouldn’t work. Good news, though, it works at least 87% of the time.


Does insurance pay for it? No, this is not covered by insurance.


So what are your fees? The first appointment includes all the testing and treatment of one allergen family, and that is $190. And then if you have more than one allergy or more than one allergen family, it’s $70 per subsequent visit. Which makes it very reasonable, especially considering how the amount of money many allergy sufferers pay for prescribed medicines.


You can find out more information about Wendy McGowan and Allergy Solutions at or call 719-260-5664. If it mainstream treatments haven’t worked for you, think outside the box and give Wendy a call.


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