After last week’s show consisting of a Fall Checklist to get your home ready for winter, many emails came in regarding roofs. Today, Deborah is joined by Mike Donadic’ of Petrali Roofing to answer those questions.


The roof of your home is a very important part of what protects you from the elements, and after the weather we experienced this summer, making sure this part of your investment is safe is at the forefront of many people’s mind. Some of the questions Deborah received were: Do I call the roofing company first, or the insurance company? How do you find out if a roofing company is local and in good standing? What kinds of things do I need to have prepared for the roof inspector and insurance company? What is the process I’ll be going through to get my roof repaired or replaced? Do I really need to show the roofer my insurance summary?


We invite you to come join us as we listen to Mike Donadic’ explain the answers to these questions and more so you, the homeowner, know what to expect and what to look for in a reputable roofing company.