A women getting relief with a back massage

Deborah invites Watford Wellness Works' massage therapist, Mary Stephens, into the studio to discuss her business and to reflect on how Mary was able to help Deborah rehabilitate after her car accident.

If you'd like to set an appointment with Mary, call her at:  720-207-4672.

Listen and learn!

Do you get stressed out?

I get stressed out when I am feeling rushed, or when I have a tone of business, and when I don’t get an “me” time. For me, my neck starts hurting and my shoulders start hurting. I get stiff and I just need relief. Do you get fatigue, head aches, stomach aches, muscles tension or pain? Stress can cause disease and even kill you. So you need to relax and find ways to take time for yourself.

What do you do for your stress?

For me, I get a massage! It is not just for people who want to chill or want to be pampered. Massage therapy is real and helps you when you need to relieve stress, recover from trauma, or deal with common aches and pains. Especially if you work on computers or are on your phone a lot. Do you feel the tension in your upper back and neck? You might benefit from a great massage and it may even help with the posture technology is trending on destroying these days.

Everybody can benefit from a healing touch. Such as with trauma, which causes muscles tension that doesn’t release. When this happens the muscle is not as flexible as it needs to be and causes a lot of pain. With massage therapy, it will help the muscle to relax to restore the range of motion that alleviates the pain caused by the trauma.

When I was in a car accident. One of the first suggestions was to go to a massage therapist. And so I did. I went to many and I hated it. I absolutely hated it because they wouldn’t listen to me and I often felt worse and the pain never got any better. I needed to try something else and I needed help fast. So I contacted Mary and she was different! For the first time, I felt listened to. She listened to me and after my first visit, I literally just got into my car and melted, I felt so good, so relaxed. Apparently, this is called “massage drunk,” which is caused be the release of endorphins into the muscle tissue when massage is done properly. Yeah, I was drunk and I felt great!

So what do people see Mary for?

Stress is the number one complaint causing pain in the upper back and neck pain. She emphasizes that getting up and moving around and just letting go is great to help your body get relief. If you can alleviate the stress to begin with, this can help so much. Massage therapy can also help a wide range of conditions including injuries, illnesses, headaches, and even the common cold.

She uses a variety of modalities to help tailor the massage to the individual need of each client from children to the elderly. And though her practice doesn’t take insurance, she keeps her prices reasonable, so your therapy can be affordable. She can provide you with full body Swedish, neuro-muscular, cupping, hot stone and some instrument assisted therapies. It all depends on what the personal needs of the patient are. Her main focus is to help you feel better and she will work with you to find the best technique to ease your pain, and your stress!

Mary can be reached by phone/text.
2011 E Platte (Watford wellness Works)

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