Whenever a person thinks about buying a property first thing that comes into mind is loan. Financial goals matter a lot when these things come into picture. One company which helps people with various loan options is American Liberty Mortgage. American Liberty Mortgage promises person to assist further as per need.


This company is led by Ryan Herbig. They have a good team to assist and very good customer service. Ryan Herbig is familiar with the community including neighborhoods, builders, schools, churches and market conditions and rates. The company believes in proactive approach to maintain smooth process for client.


American Liberty Mortgage provides various types of loans for Home purchase, refinancing, short sales, foreclosures, credit repays and much more.


One type of loan is Cash Out Loan. In this they combine various debts into one single loan. New loan may interest client with low interest rate and lower monthly payment or both. Clients can make Cash out loan as a tool to get out of various loans they are paying.


Refinancing is other type of process in which client can obtain new mortgage to reduce monthly payments and lower interest rates. One of the main advantage of refinancing is it reduces the interest rate and lowered interest rates can reduce monthly payments saving hundreds of dollars of client. Many people refinance to obtain money for large purchase.


The money saved is used to pay off the original mortgage. In Reverse Mortgage is just that client is actually paying it out of your pocket. Reverse Mortgage is given in criteria’s like if the person is having loan on primary residence, or if he is paying property taxes and homeowner’s insurance etc.


Another loan is hard money loan which specifies real estate loan collateralized against quick sale value of property. Lenders structure loans based on percentage of the quick sale value.


Ryan Herbig is a loan originator for over 8 years and is a very helping person. He provides with different loan programs like VA, FHA, Conventional loans, Construction Loans, Land loans, and Private Money loans. He provides with excellent customer service.


Thus American Liberty Mortgage gets person the best rate and the lowest closing costs possible. Also FHA Streamline loans have reduced paperwork with simple requirements. Client can lower monthly payments by Refinancing.


All this information was provided by Ryan Herbig of American Liberty Mortgage to Deborah in an interview to help people get information about various loans.