Deborah, an established realtor, discusses on what to do to prepare to sell your home

She said, if you want to sell home, first thing you have to do is get your roof inspected from the roof inspector. If there is anything wrong, then call your insurance company and get your roof repaired or some touch ups here and there or even re-roofed. You have to do this because the buyer will surely get your roof inspected before buying.

Clean everything from closet to sink to toilet, just everything.

Then, she talks about the etiquettes, when you want to show your home, you must go out of the house, so that the buyer can move in the house freely and you don’t have to worry that the things will be moved or stolen as the realtor is responsible person in between. You just have to remember that you don’t keep any medication or very expensive things open.

When you are not around the buyer can move comfortably in the house and see every place in the house comfortably, he can see the drawers, the closets etc. to see how much space is there and how many things can fit. Therefore, it is very important to clean everything before showing the house to the buyer.

You have to take your pets too out with you and you also have to remove your cars from the garage.

If you offer a home warranty then, just tell your realtor to mention it in MLS (Multiple Listing Services.) it may cost up to $300.

You have to try to get the utility information like electricity, gas and water.

Just put a bottle of water or cookie etc. and also aerate the home so that there is no odour.

You have to be patient about the feedback.

May be you have a home that you are embarrassed about, there is no problem, call a realtor and you can get the value for your home.

May be you can also take the help of organisers to organise your home make your house saleable by empting the scrap dumped for years in your house.

If you spend few thousand dollars on painting or carpeting etc. then it could give you more than ten thousand dollars, when you sell as it will increase the value.

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