friends who have each other's backs

When we think about making more healthy lifestyle changes, we often think about eating more healthy foods, exercising more, wearing sunscreen, and making more regular visits with our doctor.  So when life gets us down, and we all get there at times, where do you go to find relief?  May I suggest hypnotherapy as an excellent alternative treatment?  The best part about hypnotherapy, is that it can do so much more than you may realize to restore balance to your life.  This can include easing chronic pain, reversing fears and anxiety, and even helping to develop good habits and achieve goals.

So what exactly is hypnotherapy, I hear you asking?

Hypnotherapy is simply a form of mental health care that works with your subconscious mind to make changes at that level.  If you have found it hard to make changes you would like in your life, such as quitting smoking, it might be worth having a long talk with your subconscious to discover why you do what you do.  Once you know the “why”, you can begin to make progress to achieve confidence in yourself and open your potential to achieve wholeness.

So, where do you go to get great hypnotherapy sessions?

That’s easy!  You are in great hands with Barbara Stafford of Colorado Springs Hypnotherapy.  She will work with you one-on-one to learn about you, your desires, and your goals to develop a plan to help you on your path to a better and more awesome you.  She helps survivors become ‘thrivers’ and will empower you by teaching self-hypnosis techniques to guide you forward.  Her goal is to

“To cross the bridge of unlimited possibilities and find your true reality.”

She has helped many women, men, and children overcome stress, anxiety, addictions, gain motivation and energy, and much more! Plus, she is also specialized in fertility!  So think of hypnotherapy as a new best friend for self-care.  You get the respect you deserve, the guidance you are looking for, and a friend who helps you feel better about yourself.  We can all use more friends like that, right?

You can give her a call or visit her website if you would like to learn more about hypnotherapy can benefit you or someone you love. She will be happy to hear from you.719-238-5945