When you buy a home, you really need to get a home inspection so you know it’s not about to fall apart. While it is true that there are some things an inspector can see and there are some things they can’t, their primary objective is to make sure there aren’t any major safety or structure issues before you invest in the house. Today, Deborah is joined by Dave Traver of Integrity Property Inspection to discuss what a home inspector will look at and why.


The roof is one of the first places an inspector will look. They’ll inspect the flashing, trim, vents and skylights to make sure there isn’t an issue. If there is, they will explain what the issue is, and often, why it is an issue. Then the inspector will check the exterior before going inside and looking at the main level, upstairs, any and all downstairs. In the kitchen, the inspector will check all of the appliances to make sure they’re running correctly and the seals are all still functioning properly. They will also check the main mechanical systems and the plumbing, which can be make or break issues. Dave and Deborah discuss these in detail during today’s show.


There is so much that goes into a home inspection! You’ll want to make sure you are there while it’s taking place so the inspector can let you know about issues, and why they are issues. Come listen as Deborah and Dave discuss some common issues you’ll face when buying or selling a home in the Colorado Springs area.