Home Inspection – A Need for Buyer


Buying or selling a home is really an art, as we should know the thinking of buyer as well as seller. Home inspection process helps buyer to buy new property. Both buyer and seller have their own perspective. Both of them have their own way of thinking. So there are many things that are to be kept in mind whenever you buy a home.


Whenever a person has to sell property, before presenting it to any Agent or Realtor or buyer the home should be presentable. A seller should keep certain things in mind that before presenting house it should ensured that all things are arranged properly. All closets, drawers are arranged properly.


Similarly when a buyer buys a property there is a certain list of things that need to be kept in mind. Buyer can hire a home inspector. Home inspector is a certified to do the job of inspection. The person hiring the inspector should have faith in him as they are going to guide you through out the process of buying. So faith is really necessary as they are there to help buyer.


A home inspector inspects house on basis like ground, drainage system and home insurance. Whenever a buyer buys home it should be kept in mind that how much is difference between grounds outside and built up area. That is it should be ensured that grass is away from house. As if grass is too close to house moisture can set in house which in turn can damage furniture and other wooden things in house. If flooring is wooden it would create moisture and damage it. Also it should be seen that there must be enough slope so that rainwater drains out easily.


Second thing that should be kept in mind is if house has septic tank where is it located? Its location should be such that it should not disturb other water systems.


One most important thing is when client does home insurance agent looks up for certain things. If there are trees of branches it could create problem. If branches are touching the roof it could be a problem. It may damage roofs and so it should be taken care of.


If house has stairs buyer should ensure that railings are strong enough. Railings should be much secured. These are certain things, which Deborah suggests in home inspection process. Home inspection process helps buyer to buy correct property.