Weekly Market Update for Colorado Springs

Here is what's happening for Real Estate in Colorado Springs for the week ending on July 20, 2020!

Homes under contract:


Homes go to closing:


Our market is still very healthy!

Interest rates are at an ALL-TIME LOW!  Now is the time to purchase your home with payments lower than most rentals and we offer all our buyers a rebate which puts cash back in your pocket!

How about finding a lender? 

If you are finding you are getting a lot of robocalls, spam in your inbox, or junk mail in your mail, there is a reason.  People are purchasing homes, and many for the first time.  Lenders are looking for you.  But, what you may not know, is that going with an online lender may be a bit riskier than choosing someone local.  There are some really great lenders available online, no doubt, but you may want to have a lender you can have at your closing.  Especially, if you are getting a check.  Being able to instantly access your lender will be a great benefit if they are local and you won't have to make phone calls, get put on hold, or wait for a call back when you need the cash in your pocket now.

Here in the El Paso County & Colorado Springs area, American Liberty Mortgage can help you with all your financing needs of your next home!   Give them a call today while the rates are great and they will be happy to work with you.  You can visit their website by going to almsprings.com and tell them Deborah sent you!

Are you interested in finding out about Deborah Elliott-Shultz and City of CS Real Estate and Lifestyle’s flat listing fee of $4000*? Visit cityofcs.com or call (719) 641-1357 to speak with Deborah.

And, have you heard about our buyer’s rebate? That’s right! We give back 25% of our commission to help you with your closing costs or to buy new appliances which will be reflected on the settlement statement, and you’ll get it at closing. Give Deborah a call to speak with her about buying or selling a home with City of CS Real Estate and Lifestyle.

If you have any real estate questions, or to find out how City of CS Real Estate and Lifestyle can help make your real estate experience more affordable, call Deborah Elliott-Shultz at (719) 641-1357.

And check out cityofcs.com if you’re interested in joining Deborah’s preferred provider list, the people whom she has vetted and works with in her business. Among them is sponsor Ryan Herbig of American Liberty Mortgage. If you’re looking to buy a house and need a mortgage lender, give him a call at (719) 659-0043.


* Homes Listed at $600,000.00 and over are charged a 1% Listing Fee. Compensation fee for the Buyers Agent is in addition to the $4,000 flat fee.

Our Preferred Providers