Hiking Trails – Manitou Lake Trail U.S. Forest Service  Access: From Colorado Springs, take Hwy 24, through Woodland Park. Turn north on Hwy 67 towards Deckers. A bike trail begins at Kelly road in Woodland Park and follows Hwy 67 all the way to Lake Manitou Picnic Ground. Drive Hwy 67 north for 7 miles.  [...]

Hiking Trails – Crags Trail Pike National Forest  Access: From Colorado Springs, take Hwy 24, through Woodland Park, to Divide. Turn south on Hwy 67. Drive 4 Miles. The sign is in brown on the left hand side of the road and a bit low to the ground. Turn left on Forest Service Road #383.  [...]

1) Water and/or Water Treatment Kit Plan on at least 32oz/1liter per person for a half-day hike. On hikes higher than 10,000 feet, bring twice that much because you breathe much harder and thus loose much more water at high altitudes. 2) Map and Compass With a map and a compass, you can locate where  [...]

Places to Go The Broadmoor This world-famous resort sits on 3,000 acres at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain. Garden of the Gods Park There’s something for everyone at the Garden of the Gods Park. And with no entry fee, it’s the best deal in town. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the highest zoo  [...]