The City of CS Real Estate and Lifestyle Show isn’t just about real estate. It’s also about things that affect your lifestyle, such as a medical clinic or hypnotherapy. This show is about encompasses everything together that has to do with the way you live, about your home, your property, even land. Deborah Elliott-Shultz discusses informative topics about different aspects of real estate and lifestyle.


The Spring months are upon us and people are starting to spice up their home both the interior and exterior. People get so excited about the home they are buying, and they start to think about how they want to decorate the interior of their home with new furniture, new appliances, if needed, paint, etc. But a lot of people don’t think about the exterior of the home.


When driving around the city showing homes, Deborah often sees something that strikes may people as odd. One home will have perfect landscaping, and then right next to it, might be a home with nothing but a garden of weeds or just no landscaping. Did you know that landscaping can affect the property values of your home and the homes around you? By calling in a landscaper, you increase the property value of your home as well as help out your neighbors. So, whether you are a person who takes care of your yard or you are one who doesn’t really know what to do to take care of your yard, today’s show is for you.


Today, Deborah Elliott-Shultz of City of CS Real Estate and Lifestyle chats with Craig Waterbury, the owner of Waterbury Landscaping. For about 20-25 years, Craig worked for other landscaping companies but wanted to run a business with excellent customer service and quality work. About 3 years ago, he started Waterbury Landscaping.


When planning a yard’s landscaping, it’s important to consider the person or family that will be using the yard. Craig likes to get clients as involved as possible in the design because the more ideas you have, the options you have. Not everyone, likes the same thing. And that’s important to creating a design you love.


While considering the design of your landscape, it’s not just about placement, but also about color. Some trees flower in the spring, others turn vibrant shades in the fall. Some bushes stay green year round, while others bloom only in the summer. Then you also get to consider flowers. Do you enjoy the ease of perennials? Or do you prefer to plant all annuals because you enjoy digging in the dirt after a long winter? Do you like a bit of both mixed together? Are you water conscious and would prefer a xeriscaped yard?


Come listen as Deborah Elliott-Shultz and Craig Waterbury discuss the many ways a landscaper can help you, some mistakes to avoid, irrigation options along with a watering schedule) and a creative method he uses to help you see where things will go.


Call Craig Waterbury of Waterbury Landscaping to find out what you can do to improve the landscaping around your home at (719) 639-3400.


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