Ready or not, here it comes. Autumn! That beautiful season that brings with it cooler temperatures and spectacular colors. It’s also a great time to start preparing your home so you don’t get caught out in a blizzard protecting the things that make your house a home.


Some of the items on Deborah’s list include things like calling someone to come clean and check on the fireplace, removing branches that could cause damage, or even checking your roof to make sure all those hail storms didn’t leave your roof vulnerable. Some other things on the list that you can do yourself would be check for drafts around doors and windows, make sure the batteries in the Carbon Dioxide monitors and Fire alarms are working properly, and make sure all food stuff stored in your garage is moved inside. And these are just a few things to consider! Deborah’s list is a great reminder of the useful things to check and look for while preparing for winter.


Whether you are a handy person around the house or prefer to call people in to do these things, Deborah shares with us a list of things that either the newest or longest of owners can do to prepare their home for the frigid temperatures of winter.