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Colorado Front Range

Making your Real Estate experience more affordable! TM

Are you ready to buy a new home?

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Deborah Elliott-Shultz

(719) 641-1357

Welcome to City of CS Real Estate & Lifestyle

Making your Real Estate experience more affordable! TM

Where “Colorado Springs Homes & Lifestyle” is our expertise. We are a full service real estate company who delivers professional results. Our mission is to make your real estate experience more affordable, no matter if your buying a new home or selling a home.

This is also the home of the City of CS Real Estate & Lifestyle Show on
KRDO News Radio 105.5FM, 1240AM, & 92.5FM!
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Enjoy a Flat Listing Fee
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Deborah Elliott-Shultz, Realtor

Meet Deborah Elliott-Shultz! Owner of City of CS Real Estate & Lifestyle and Host of the City of CS Show on KRDO 105.5FM, 1240AM, & 92.5FM!

Deborah is an experienced Colorado Springs Realtor with extensive knowledge of the Colorado homes and the Real Estate market. She specializes in making YOUR real estate experience more affordable in Colorado Springs, surrounding areas, and has the expertise to represent you throughout the state.

At City of CS Real Estate & Lifestyle, we are working
for you, so give us a call anytime 719.641.1357

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"I confidently recommend Deborah to friends and business contacts. She is extremely knowledgeable, provides excellent service and saves sellers a tremendous amount of money. When it’s time for us to purchase or sell a home, Deborah will get the call!"

- Home Buyer

"Deborah made my home buying experience painless, and made me feel as though she was truly looking our for my best interest. She was available any time I needed her, wether it be for showings or with any questions."

- Home Buyer

Beautiful Colorado Home

So, What Exactly Is A Flat Listing Fee?

It is one way City of CS Real Estate & Lifestyle is Making Your Real Estate Experience More Affordable. We offer our sellers a $3,500 Flat listing fee* compared to the normal 3% commission.


We Like To Sell Homes!

One of our Sold Homes
One of our sold homes
Another home we sold
We sold this home too
A beautiful home we sold

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Pike Peak Top Real Estate Agents 2019

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Deborah Elliott-Shultz has over 15 years in the real estate industry. She discusses the Colorado Springs, Colorado real estate market and provides tips on how to identify and finance your home purchase as well as how to market and sell your existing properties like a pro!

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